Friday, September 5, 2008

A bit of Herstory

I have been to Europe 4 times around 1 month each.

1983- Amsterdam, Kinderdijk where the windmills are in Netherlands, Van Gogh and Rijks Museum, Paris, Versailles, Brittany? (cystic fibrosis more) France,

The professional meeting was the Radiation Research Meeting in Amsterdam.

A Filipina(o) band played in a restaurant in Amsterdam.

Heineken beer.

1987-London, England, Edinburgh, Scotland, Lyon, France, Laupheim, Germany(passed Strassburgh, Brandenburgh Gate was not built yet, just being talked about, Ulm, Stuttgart, Siemens), Geneva, Switzerlands,

The professional meeting was the Radiation Research Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland.

1989- Vrije or Free University, Amsterdam, Netherlands(PIXE meeting), a Filipino(a) band played in the train station.

NATO camp is between France and Germany. yesterday, Vice President Dick Cheney was talking about helping Georgia, formerly in USSR and Ukraine join the UN; Azerbajian might be next???

2004- Madrid, Spain (Dr. Jose Rizal Monument), Le Cannet, Cannes, French Riviera, Nice, St. Tropez, France, Monaco, Venice, Florence, Italy,

so there are Eurasians too....I met Filipinas and English at the hotel and we went to the Ildefonso Church in Madrid.

went to Sulo Restaurant in Madrid 3 times with friends and colleagues

What ever happened to the Filipino Veterans Equity Bill?

I have been back to the Philippines 9 times since 1975. 1984 for my brother Andrew and Gina Tiosejo Cua wedding, trip to China, Tianjin, Beijing, Xian and Taiyuan. 1989 was to get the 3 youngest to the USA and to lecture at College of the Holy Spirit on Aspects and Bioeffects of Radiation and on my PhD research at Rutgers and also presented at the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute. 1995 more lectures at PNRI, 1998 Balik Scientist at PNRI, PAASE meeting, co-chair with Dr. Vicky Guerrero Abellera. PAASE meeting 2000, 2005, 2007. see, see, see, see, PHILAAS-Second World Conference on Science and Technology 2001. Hybridigm-Consulting meeting 2006 (2 weeks in the Philippines only).

so the chaplain and the medic and the reporters and journalists had to go with the soldiers to fight in a war that can or cannot be stopped by diplomatic negotiations lest it be said that war will always be one of attrition...tabloids???

Pontifical Academy of Sciences

Coby, which I Spy series is this going to be in? the past, present and future?

Things to do and Places to see in the future: Wish List

U of Milan, CISE-Dr. Gracia Bragga Marcazzan and her 2 villas) PIXE colleague


Big Bang Machine(NOVA series, PBS last week)

Chernobyl occurred because of human error among others.

more later....

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