Saturday, June 14, 2008

Coconuts Galore

1. Coconut Juice with Ginger or Salabat Powder less the artificial sweetening

2. I will try Coconut Juice and Ginger Ale next week

3. Coconut Milk or Gata with Tea-the so called Coconut Flavored Tea

4. Coconut Milk with Pineapple--Pina Colada without rum

5. Coconut Milk with Yogurt=--called Lossee

6. Virgin Coconut Oil with Popcorn

7. Coconut Virgin Oil with Milk

8. Ubod Pandan Extract from McCormick Philippines with Aqua or Water

9. Coconut Shrimp

10. Coconut Lobster

11. Coconut Prawn

12. Coconut


14. Coconut Milk(GATA) Ginataan with Banana and other Veggies

15. Coconut Flakes

16. Coconut Macaroons

17. Nata de Coco in many varieties in many Asian countries

a. Coffee Jelly with Nata de Coco made in Taiwan
b. Lychee with Nata de Coco made in China
c. Mango with Nata de Coco made in the Phiippines
d. Fruit Gelatin with Nata de Coco made in Malaysia
e. many more variations with Nata de Coco

18. Coconut Fronds like Banana Fronds for Maruya

19. Coconut Sport or Macapuno Ice Cream

20. Coconut Sport, Nata de Coco, Macapuno, Coconut Flakes in FRUIT SALAD like Fruit Cup or Ambrosia-Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, Onions and Chives,

21. Can you make Coconut Fibers into Saya? Barong Tagalog? Barong Polo? Blouse?

22. Coconut Biofuels or Coconut Methyl Ester or Coconut Biodiesel Fuels or Coconut Biofuel Blends

23. ChemRez BioActiv



26. cut and dried coconut leaves or fronds for art class on greeting cards, like Women Promotion, Ethiopia SSpS


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