Monday, April 16, 2007

PAASE University

The PAASE University with blogspot is an offshoot of

30 years ago the inspiration for the Philippine American Academy of Sciences and Engineering was born.

I told Dr. Severino Koh, co-founder, my idea. I became associate member right away.

I became a full fledged member in 1991.

My sponsors were Dr. Severino Koh and Dr. Crisostomo Garcia.

I was responsible for the first meeting proceedings published for the 1991 PAASE meeting.

I basically compiled PAASE meeting proceedings from 1991-2007 in terms of gathering those from 1993-2007.

I already suggested to the PAASE 2007 group that the compilations will be turned into PAASE CDs/DVDs Volumes 1 to whatever.

It will be called as PAASE meeting proceedings archives.

There should be tutorials. Online training long distance learning by emails, webcasts, skypes, video and audio conferencing.

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